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Dr-Iqbal Nisa


I Dr Iqbal Nisa (Assistant Professor, Women University Swabi) had worked in Public Health Reference Laboratory, KMU Peshawar in the designation of Microbiologist from November 2020 to May 2022. I was posted to all divisions of the public health reference Laboratory, KMU Peshawar like Molecular Biology, Advance Center for Genomic technologies, Serology, Microbiology.  During the COVID pandemic, I had worked in COVID laboratory for COVID testing. I played to handle a wide range of duties: Sample collection and sorting, Extraction, Master Mix preparation, Template addition, PCR analyzation, Quality control management, quantification of DNA/RNA, cDNA formation and amplification, cycle sequencing, cleanup PCR product, loading of samples in seqstudio, sequencing analyzation and uploading by using various bioinformatics tools (Coronavirus typing, Nextclade, GISAID, Cov-Lineages, Co-Variants).  Furthermore, I also worked on Sanger Sequencing and Oxford Nanopore’s MinION Sequencing Technologies. One activity I particularly enjoy is studying various bioinformatics pipelines like interARTIC, MG RAST, NEXTFLOW. In COVID-19 pandemic I also worked on variant detection. As a team leader I supervised different sections of laboratory in a smooth manner and trained internees. I carried out all of their obligations and responsibilities in a dignified manner. I had been fortunate to work under the umbrella of Dr. Yasar Mahmood Yousafzai (Director PHRL, KMU). That was a very great time for me where I learned valuable Laboratory and Management related skills. In future if I got an opportunity I will definitely work with this institute.

I wish that the Public Health Reference Lab will more grow and strengthen in future.

Dr Iqbal Nisa

Assistant Professor

Women University Swabi, Pakistan.